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Just Some Me Time

Do you ever have one of those days where you just need some peace and quiet and time to yourself? I would be so lonely without my friends and family, but occasionally I just need a few minutes to myself in a peaceful place. Even though its not real, I got that peaceful feeling during this photoshoot today. This sim is so beautiful! You can find the link below in credits.

Today I bring you two lovely designs from two different designers and two different events. The outfit is “Inez Capri Outfit” by Rene (renebroux) of Allure Couture for the Orsy Event this month. The event runs until June 21st and you can TP to it here. Inez is compatible with: Belleza Freya, eBody Curvy, Legacy + Perky, Maitreya + Petite and Slink Hourglass. Flip Flops are compatible with Belleza, Legacy, Maitreya and Slink only. And you can buy it 3 different ways:

12 Textures Bra, Shirt, Capris & Flip Flops & 3 Metals
6 Textures Bra, Shirt, Capris, Flip Flops & 2 Metals
Cinnamon, Gold, Lavender, Pink, and Teal.

The jewelry set is called “Quinley” and is from Kimbra McMillan of Beloved Jewelry. She created the earrings and choker for the BUNDLES event that is happening from now until July 15th. Here is the teleport to that fun event. The jewelry is unrigged and comes with loads of customization options, including sizes, styles and colors of metal and gems.

Don’t miss out on the BUNDLES Summer event! The theme is Bohemian Summer, which is a style I can totally relate to. BUNDLES is owned and run by the amazing ⒹoⓋє (palomma.casanova). Want more details? You can check out the website here. You can go right the event and start shopping!





From my Amazing Sponsors:


  • Hair: MINA – Carmen – Browns
  • Hairbase: LeLUTKA.EvoX.Hairbase.048 (f) (comes with head)
  • Eyes: AG. Adorable Eyes Pack
  • Lashes: Delicatta – Sensation (LeLUTKA Evolution/Evolution X)
  • Shape:  custom made by me (adalynnlove resident)
  • Head:  LeLUTKA Zora Head 3.1
  • Body:  Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V5.3
  • Head Skin:  Pepe Skins – Lelu X / Justice V2 / Cake
  • Body Skin:  Pepe Skins – Toned V2 / Cake



  • Location: Summer Trace
  • Poses:
    • all were in the items I was sitting on
  • Windlight:  Estate settings

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