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Beloved Jewelry & Nymphas Skins

For quite some time now I’ve been wanting to give a more detailed review of two designers/sponsors very close to my heart: Beloved Jewelry and Nymphas Skins. They both create such beautiful work and I feel the need to show how much detail goes into it.

Let’s begin with Nymphas Skins. The skins at Nymphas are sold as head skins, and coordinate with Velour body skins. The skins are fit for Lelutka Evo X female heads. Each skin comes in 3 tones: Blush, Porcelain and Sunkiss.

The skin I’m wearing for today’s post is one of the newest skins she has released: Zoe. On the photos above I’m wearing it on my Lelutka Zora head in the Porcelain tone, but I wanted to show how it looks on 2 other Lelutka heads as well: Lilly and Avalon. The tones from left to right are: Blush, Porcelain, Sunkiss. Click on each photo to see it larger.

I also want to show you a set of 3 lipsticks she recently released. They come on an HUD for Lelutka Evo X and are called Gio Gloss HD.

Scarlet Doge is the owner of Nymphas and she does such beautiful work. Here are details for her store so you can follow her:


Next, let’s talk about Beloved Jewelry. Every time I post her jewelry I rave about the detail and customization, but I’ve never really shown you what I’m talking about. So today I’m going to do exactly that. First, this new set I’m showing you is called Rayen and was released for the SL19B event. You can purchase the chokers or earrings separately at the mainstore now.

Kimbra McMillan, the owner of Beloved Jewelry, sells her jewelry at an amazing price point for how much detail there is. These are original mesh and unrigged, so you can fit/resize it to your needs. They are also copy/mod. I love the steampunk vibe of this set. That was the theme for the SL19B event and Kimbra pulled it off beautifully! Here you can see the different types of earrings that come in that set, 4 total:

Finally I want to show you a sampling of the color options you can play with. I’ll include a screenshot of the HUD as well. Notice that there are 16 metal textures and 56 gem options to choose from. Be sure to click each photo for a larger view, or head on over to my flickr to see them in full size.

Be sure to follow Beloved Jewelry‘s social media too!



From my Amazing Sponsors:



  • Dress: friday – Cherie Dress (Tartan)
  • Location: Missing Melody + my photo studio
  • Poses:
  • Windlight:  ummm..I forgot to write it down, I’m sorry!

As always, a HUGE thank you to my amazing sponsors!!

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