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Skins on Sale at Boataom

FabFree – Fabulously Free in SL

090122 - Boataom L$99 Skin Sale 01

Well made skins are something you invest in. Typically you don’t find amazing skins for super cheap unless there is a sale. And today I got VERY lucky and found a sale at one of my favorite skin stores: Boataom. Not all their skins are on sale, but three are: Beatrice, Maxine and Trinity (available in several tones each); all fit for Lelutka Evo X. They are only L$99 and on sale until September 10th. I had to share this deal with you because I thought it was incredible (even though it’s a bit over our 75L limit)!

Skins are now !!99L!!

The next three photos I wanted to include so that you could see each skin a little more closeup and with clear lighting.

090122 - Boataom L$99 Skin Sale 02

First up is Beatrice in the “Latina” tone. She has a European look. I wore her with the Original/Normal Cleavage Boataom body skin (not on sale).

090122 - Boataom L$99 Skin Sale 03

Next I…

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