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Leather and Wood at Noveny

For this post today I am showing you the start of a new project. I’m no one to sit down and decorate an entire home on my own in one go. I like to slowly bring a home into what I want and need. So today I’m bringing you designs from LetovD of Noveny that I’m using as a base to get started on this project.

The build itself is the Wood Cottage. Wood is one of my favorite backdrops and materials for a home in RL and SL both. I seem to be very drawn to natural materials. I’m excited to work on filling this up! It does come with the fireplace already installed. And this gorgeous build is only 13 Li! The doors open and close upon touch, the glass is frosted and the lights on the porch can be turned on and off. The furniture you see inside is not included with the purchase, it is separate and that’s the other part of what I’m showing today.

This gorgeous leather set is called the Leather Livingroom Set. Pretty straightforward! It comes in a rezzer and its super helpful because the rezzer can be positioned to move the whole set where you want it. And this entire set is only 28 Li!! It still amazes me that such gorgeously detailed mesh furniture can be so low in land impact. There are of course several animations in each of the three seats. I’ll include a gallery of photos next so that you can see more angles of the home and livingroom set.

You can click on the photos above to see them larger.



From Noveny:

  • Home: Noveny – Wood Cottage
  • Furniture Set: Noveny – Leather Livingroom Set


  • Location: my home sim

As always, a HUGE thank you to my amazing sponsor!!


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