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Swank & Co. at SWANK Event 7th Anniversary

This month is the SWANK Event’s 7th Anniversary! And they are celebrating big with awesome new releases and loads of gifts for their shoppers. Make sure that you go check it all out before it ends September 30th. SWANK always has a month and this month it is open as “Designer’s Choice”. I am an official blogger for the Home & Garden part of the event so can’t wait to share with you what is available!

Swank & Co, owned and operated by Adonis Lubomir (adonislubomir2), is the main sponsor for the event. For this month he has created two gorgeous sets: one for summer and one for fall. Because I’m excited for fall to start I chose that one to show you. It is called the Swank & Co. Romantic Autumn Tree Scene and comes in both PG and Adult versions.

The full scene includes three parts, the first of which I’m showing you above is the tree swing. It includes solo and couples animations. The swing is only 7 Li and has lovely sunflowers and vines decorating it.

Another feature of the set is the tent (31 Li) and light strings (8 Li). Again there are solo and couples animations and the adult version has 180 options! Scattered around on the rug are some leaves, champagne and strawberries with chocolate.

Even the tree itself is a work of art. There are several strings of lights as well as hanging candles that give off light and glow in the dark. If you look close you’ll find a bird nest with a little scene happening in it as well. The tree is 44 Li and includes a beautiful Sunflower growing beside it.



From my Amazing Sponsor:

  • Outdoor Set: Swank & Co. Romantic Autumn Tree Scene PG FATPACK


A HUGE thank you to my lovely sponsor:

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