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Autumn at Old Barn Door

Fall is almost here!!!! The temperatures are finally starting to cool off a tiny bit where I live, although its still hot. I cannot wait for red and gold and orange and yellow leaves!

I feel like part of me is still hanging on to Summer…hence the ocean in the background. But I really am excited about fall and I LOVE this new gazebo and decor from Ƭąylღяя (taylorr.firethorn) of Old Barn Door. I really enjoy gazebos in RL too and would love to have one on our property some day.

This Harper’s Gazebo Set includes the following and I’m also showing land impact for each piece:

  • {OBD} Harper’s Gazebo = 22LI
  • {OBD} Harper’s Gazebo w/ Flowers = 34LI
  • {OBD} Harper’s Gazebo Chair [PG] = 2LI (also available in Adult)
  • {OBD} Harper’s Table = 2LI
  • {OBD} Harper’s Tray = 3LI

Read all about it and purchase it right on marketplace HERE.

The Harper’s Autumn Set coordinates perfectly! It has a wonderful rustic farmhouse fall vibe and can be purchased on marketplace as well. It includes the following pieces:

  • {OBD} Harper’s Plank Decor – Autumn = 2LI
  • {OBD} Harper’s Plank Decor – Beware = 1LI
  • {OBD} Harper’s Plank Decor – Home = 2LI
  • {OBD} Harper’s Plank Decor – Welcome = 1LI
  • {OBD} Harper’s Leaf Pile [Big] = 2LI
  • {OBD} Harper’s Leaf Pile 1 = 1LI
  • {OBD} Harper’s Leaf Pile 2 = 1LI
  • {OBD} Harper’s Pumpkins = 3LI
  • {OBD} Harper’s Boxwood = 3LI

I’ve also included the Mysliwiec Adirondack Set in these photos. It is a beautiful chair and side table set that includes these parts:

  • {OBD} Mysliwiec Adirondack Chair [A & PG] = 2LI
  • {OBD} Mysliwiec Table – White = 3LI

And of course it can be bought on Marketplace, too!

As always, these 100% mesh designs include so many customization options and animations in the seating. Be sure to click each of the links above (in bold) to view all the details and give Old Barn Door a follow:



From Old Barn Door

  • Gazebo Set: {OBD} Harper’s Gazebo Set
  • Autumn Decor Set: {OBD} Harper’s Autumn Set
  • Adirondack Set: {OBD} Mysliwiec Adirondack Set


Thank you SO much to my amazing sponsor:


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