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Pink, White & Blue

Make it pop like pink champagne
In the purple rain
We’re gonna paint paint paint the city
We’re gonna show off all our pretty, pretty

“Pink Champagne” – Ariane Grande

This shoot was SO much fun! Sometimes I just have to go overboard with the pink. This time it made a perfect backdrop for this outfit. Today I’m bringing you two new sponsors of mine: Lilleth Mills and Starlight Apparel.

Lilleth Mills provides 100% original mesh designs and is owned by Lilleth Mills Content Creation (niah.larsson). She first opened shop in 2007! This lovely jumpsuit I’m wearing is from her store. It is called Frida and is fit for Freya, Hourglass, Kupra Original & Low, Maitreya Lara & Petite, and Legacy bodies. There are 9 lace and 9 solid color choices for the top and the bottom as well as 9 solid for the string tie.

My shoes are from Starlight Apparel owned by 彡Alyssa彡 (alyssa.starlight), also known as 彡Mandilena彡 (mandilena.loxely), since 2013 who also runs the Cheeky Monkey Hunts and Cheeky WOW! Event that I blog for. My cute little shoes are from her store. These are the Parris Ladies Sneakers and the colors can be changed with the HUD between 30 color options! I’m wearing the solid set, but you can also buy them in a super fun grunge set.

I shall leave you for this post with a closeup of my makeup:

My animal print eyeliner is from UwU Kawaii Store and I got it back in July for Harmony Hunts event that month.




From my Amazing Sponsors:


  • Hair:  . Doe . Chip . Flux .
  • Eyes: A R T E – Princess Eyes
  • Shape:  custom made by me (adalynnlove resident)
  • Head:  LeLUTKA Zora Head 3.1
  • Body:  Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V5.3
  • Head Skin:  Pepe Skins – Lelu X / Justice V2 / Cake
  • Body Skin:  Pepe Skins – Toned V2 / Cake


  • Eyeshadow: Animal print eyeliner Pack- Lelevox- UwU Kawaii Store
  • Blush: CAZIMI: Poppy Blush
  • Lipstick: Dalila Lip Kit 01
  • Nail Polish: ~By Snow~ Maitreya – Crystalline Nail Applier


  • Cotton Candy: Junk Food – Cotton Candy Light (Pink) (my best friend in SL bought this for me to go with my outfit!)
  • Location:  Kawaii Hangout (WARNING: Adult Sim!)
  • Poses:
  • Windlight: Bree’s Appleblossom

Thank you so much to my sponsors for this post!

One response to “Pink, White & Blue”

  1. […] Kawaii (uwukawaiistore) of UwU Kawaii Store. I have blogged some of her makeup before as well HERE. The outfit itself is only L$199!!! and it comes in a variety of colors. It is called the Catrina […]


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