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DABBLE at the Jail Event

If you follow along with my posts you’ll know that I have blogged Tylar’s Treasures before. Recently she rebranded to DABBLE and I am stoked to show you her designs for the Jail Event this month which runs until September 30th.

While I was setting this beautiful “Noa” set up, I got so excited over the texture options. The drapes, chairs & pillows and rugs can all be changed. Not only are there different patterns, but different colorways in those patterns, too. And there are some other surprises which I’ll get to.

The drapes come as a duo but are copy so I put some on both sets of windows. Each individual drape is only 2 Li and has 34 colorways in the menu.

The chairs are available in Cuddle, Adult and Adult + Tease versions. Each of course comes with corresponding animations built in. They are only 8 Li and include 14 pillow and 10 seat colors. The rug is only 2 Li and has 34 colors to choose from.

Now for the first thing that I was so pleasantly surprised with. This coffee table set is 3 Li and when you click on it you can rez/de-rez the decor on top! That only adds 4 Li.

Lastly, the planter and side table also have surprises. The planter is 3 Li and when clicked you can rez out a the cute little 2 Li cat. The side table, which I placed between the two chairs, is 2 Li and includes a 2 Li lamp that can be rezzed upon touch.

I am amazed at the amount of attention to detail that Tylar puts into her creations. Go grab these while you can at the Jail Event!



From my DABBLE @ the Jail Event thru Sept. 30th:

  • Drapes: DB NOA DRAPES
  • Chairs: DB NOA CHAIR
  • Rug: DB NOA RUG
  • Planter: DB NOA PLANTER
  • Side Table: DB NOA SIDE TABLE
  • Coffee Table: DB NOA COFFEE TABLE


  • Location:  my home sim
  • House: Scarlet Creative Darcy Cabin MC
  • Autumn Trees: Autumn Trees Privacy Screen #2 & #3
  • Windlight:  Annan Adored Light Explosion II

Thank you SO much to my sponsor:


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