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FARMHOUSE at SWANK Event 7th Anniversary

This month is the SWANK Event’s 7th Anniversary! And they are celebrating big with awesome new releases and loads of gifts for their shoppers. Make sure that you go check it all out before it ends September 30th. SWANK always has a month and this month it is open as “Designer’s Choice”. I am an official blogger for the Home & Garden part of the event so can’t wait to share with you what is available!

This time I am bringing you a release from FARMHOUSE for SWANK. This lovely “Fall Entrance Hall” decor set is perfect for this time of year if you live in the Northern hemisphere…or if you just love Autumn! This set comes all linked as one if you prefer or in 5 separate pieces. The console table is available in Coffee (which I’m showing), black paint and white paint. The entire set together is a total of 8 Li. Let’s take a look at the individual pieces…

First up is this repurposed window (1 Li) and turned iron lamp (3 Li). The window has a lovely shadow that casts on whatever is behind it and the lamp can be turned on and off by touching.

On the bottom shelf of the console table (2 Li), has this cute little farmhouse sign. It is only 1 Li and would work great on your wall somewhere too!

Finally we have these great little throw pillows, bringing some fall vibes to your home. They are only 1 Li, too. Don’t forget, you can use all of these pieces together or separate the individual items and spread them around your home.



From my Amazing Sponsor:

  • Decor Set: FARMHOUSE – Fall Entrance Hall


  • Location:  My home sim
  • House: Noveny – Wood Cottage
  • Windlight:  Annan Adored Light Explosion II

A HUGE thank you to my lovely sponsor:


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