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Storax Tree at SWANK Event 7th Anniversary

This month is the SWANK Event’s 7th Anniversary! And they are celebrating big with awesome new releases and loads of gifts for their shoppers. Make sure that you go check it all out before it ends September 30th. SWANK always has a month and this month it is open as “Designer’s Choice”. I am an official blogger for the Home & Garden part of the event so can’t wait to share with you what is available!

Storax Tree has the coolest set this month at SWANK! Since I just did a medieval fashion post I thought…why not follow it up with decor? The entire set, as you see it above (which includes doubles of somethings)…and not including the building…is 94 Li. There are so many parts and pieces that I’m just going to show closeup shots of some of the areas and list the pieces included in those pictures. I had so much fun setting this up!

  • Banner and Candles B10 – showing 2 of these. 6 Li each. Candles can be turned on and off upon touch.
  • Medieval Bench w Candles A10 – 7 Li. Includes several animations. Candles can be turned on and off upon touch.
  • Banner and Sconces B10 – 4 Li. Candles can be turned on and off upon touch.
  • Medieval Fleur De Lis Chair A10 & A11 – 10 Li. Include several animations.
  • Medieval Portrait A2 & Medieval Portrait A37 – 2 Li each.
  • Swords and Shield Decor B10 & B11 – 3 Li each.
  • Illuminated Sword Rack A – 7 Li. Candles can be turned on and off upon touch.
  • Medieval Griffin Chair A11 (also available in red cushion) – 4 Li. Includes several animations.
  • Medieval Portrait A24, A33 & A34 – 2 Li each.



From my Amazing Sponsor:

  • Medieval Set: StoraxTree @ Swank Sept 2022 Fatpack (all pieces available for purchase separately)


A HUGE thank you to my lovely sponsor:


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