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Doe L$75 Hair Sale

FabFree – Fabulously Free in SL

091722 - Doe for FabFree Blog - 02

If you haven’t heard, Doe is having a HUGE L$75 sale on a ton of their hair styles. You can get the three fun packs of hair for each style at that sale price: Flux, Racoon or Kraken colorpacks. For the longer hair that falls over your shoulders, there are 3 chest size choices: petite, average and busy. I decided to show a range of colors in addition to my normal brown, so you could see some of the texures. Here’s what I grabbed from Left to Right:

  • Saturday – Got this one in the Racoon set. I love the messy bun on top with the rest hanging down. The HUD does allow you to change the style slightly to flip the sides.
  • Saturna – Also in the Flux set. This style is unrigged. You can also choose whether or not to show the bangs and middle bun with the…

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