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Alli&Ali Autumn is Coming Trivia Hunt Gifts

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09.23.22 - Alli&Ali Autumn Trivia Prizes - 01

Autumn Trivia Prizes at Alli& Ali

Alice Klinger of Alli&Ali Designs has some really cool events running all year wrong. In the fall she does a fun trivia/treasure hunt. I’ll copy and paste her words here exactly from the event notecard:

We cordially invite you to visit the Autumn Is Coming 2022 event, which is a shopping and treasure hunt event. The event runs between 26th August and 26th September 2022. There is also a trivia treasure hunt with 18 questions. Try your knowledge about the Autumn Season ! 🙂

Full event schedule and events Gallery can be found on our blog:

Join us on facebook and feel free to share the post about the event 🙂

We are also on flickr:

There are several designers involved but today I wanted to share with you a few of the hairstyles that Alice has created for this event…

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