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More Decor at SWANK!

This month’s round of SWANK is ending soon! It is the SWANK Event’s 7th Anniversary! And they are celebrating big with awesome new releases and loads of gifts for their shoppers. Make sure that you go check it all out before it ends September 30th. SWANK always has a theme and this month it is open as “Designer’s Choice”.

When I saw all this cute, pastel decor at SWANK this month I was so excited to share it with you. I definitely have a kawaii girl living inside me. You may recognize this room from another post I did recently. I thought it would work perfect for using all this fun decor.

You can see closeups of several of these items below but I do want to call out the standing crescent moon and the potted glowing plants which are in Useless Addiction’s booth. They each come in 4 colors total. All of the items from Useless Addiction are purchasable from a carousel type vendor (the ones that replaced Gachas).

Lilith’s Den has released this supper fun HAPPY 3D standing stones. They also have an “ANNIVERSARY” one. The colors are so fun and the texturing is very cool in my opinion. It is 1 Li as it comes and modifiable so you can resize it. An Ambient Occlusion map is added for each one in case you wish to make your own texture.

The fireworks lights I’m using are also from Lilith’s Den at SWANK. There sitting and hanging versions, as well as smaller, larger and rotating ones. There are also 3 colors to choose…I am using Rainbow and this one is 2 Li. Silver and Gold are the other two options.

The bedside double moon and the hanging moon strings are from Useless Addiction for SWANK. The hanging moons come as you see them and are 8 Li. The bedside double moon is 2 Li and is available in this blue, as well as pink, yellow and green.

I had fun hanging these string lights around my room. As you can see there are 4 colors for this too, and they are each different in appearance as well. They are 5 Li each and give off light.

Last but not least this large crescent moon with swing is the rare item for Useless Addiction’s vendor. There are the same 4 color options, 14 Li each, and several animations included in the swing. Playing with windlight was super fun as it gives the moon totally different looks.


From my Amazing Sponsor:

  • Happy Sign: Lilith’s Den – Standing Words – Happy & Anniversary (at SWANK until Sept 30th)
  • Fireworks Lights: Lilith’s Den – Fireworks Lamps Set (at SWANK until Sept 30th)
  • Pastel Decor: UA: Pastel Moon&Stars Full Set (at SWANK until Sept 30th)


  • Location:  My home sim
  • Backdrop: FOXCITY. Photo Booth – Dreaming
  • Windlight:
    • * Mimikri_Daylight (for main photos)
    • PinkPurple & Poly: StarryNight (for moon w/ swing)

A HUGE thank you to my lovely sponsor:


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