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Harper’s Fall Tray @ Old Barn Door

I never seem to have enough Autumn decor. It is one of my favorite times of the year and I love all the amazing things designers come up with. Old Barn Door, by Ƭąylღяя (taylorr.firethorn), is no exception.

Fitting loads of fall decor into every nook and cranny of my house makes me happy. Especially when its more farmhouse/rustic decor like this adorable tray from Old Barn Door. It is 13 Li and fits perfectly on this little side table, which so happens to also be from Old Barn Door.

Check out a couple closeups of the two tray levels below:



From Old Barn Door

  • Fall Tray: {OBD} Harper’s Fall Tray


  • Side Table: {OBD} Mysliwiec Table – White = 3LI (see better in THIS POST)
  • Home: Noveny – Victorian Rusty House (details & pics coming soon in a blog post)
  • Location: my home sim
  • Windlight:  Annan Adored Tan Skin

Thank you SO much to my amazing sponsor:


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