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God Mod for BUNDLES

BUNDLES Autumn Seasonal Event is still going strong! This event began on September 15th and will run through October 16th. As always there are amazing vendors set up with their new and discounted older items for you to check out. This event is owned and run by the amazing ⒹoⓋє (palomma.casanova). Want more details? You can check out the website here. You can go right the event and start shopping!

You can find these spooky decor designs at the BUNDLES event from the God Mod store. The Hallows Bedside Table has a stack of three skulls and its fun to play with light and shadows on these. There is also a book and a candle that flickers. Here is a closeup of those:

The side table with decor is a total of 4 Li. Next are the two lanterns.

They come in the larger and smaller sizes and they give off light from the candles. Each of these two rusty lanterns are only 2 Li.

Find them at BUNDLES before it closes up on October 16th.



From God Mod for BUNDLES:

  • Bedside Table: God Mod Hallows bedside table
  • Lanterns: God Mod Rusty lanterns


Thank you so much to my sponsor for this post!

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