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Noveny Victorian Rusty House

This time of year is so fun with all the new spooky Halloween themed items coming out. I love that LetovD of Noveny has created a home that can definitely fit the spooky theme, but will work all year round, too.

This is the Victorian Rusty House and it is available at the Annual Halloween Shop & Hop that opens tomorrow. This event is going to be amazing!! Noveny‘s exclusive release for it, this house, is copy and modify. It comes in 2 sizes with 2 different prim counts:

  • 18x20x10 — 187 Li (this is the one I’m showing)
  • 14x16x8 — 90 Li

The textures are absolutely gorgeous and some of my particular favorite parts include the windows and how the glass panes are old looking. Here are a couple closeups of the house:

Noveny also has a new Pumpkin Wheelbarrow that I set outside the front of the house. Here is a closeup of it:

This gorgeous decor piece is 11 Li and its filled with different colored pumpkins. It has some grass inside and lovely vines growing all over.



From Noveny:

  • Home:  Noveny – Victorian Rusty House (available at the Halloween Shop & Hop through November 1st)
  • Wheelbarrow:  Noveny – Pumpkin Wheelbarrow



  • Location: my home sim
  • Windlight: A-9AM

As always, a HUGE thank you to my amazing sponsor!!


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