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Learning to Fly

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100922 - Learning to Fly - 01

Learning to drive is a stressful time for teens and their family. I can imagine that learning to fly is no better, but I guess I’ll never know! For today’s post I imagined that I was attempting to learn to fly a broom, as a newly discovered witch, but I was having a difficult time of it and my friend was making fun of me…you can see my reaction to that in the next photo below.

  • This month Evil Bunny Productions is hosting their monthly themed hunt and it is called “Boo! Bunny Hunt 12” for October. Catherine Cloud of Princess Stuff has some fun gifts in the event. It includes the very broom I’m trying to learn to fly on as well as the cat ears and tail. The hunt object is only L$1 to get these goodies!

100922 - Learning to Fly - 02

As you must already know, because of all the awesome blog…

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