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Clowns Frighten Me

FabFree – Fabulously Free in SL

101522 - Clowns Frighten Me - 01

Evil Bunny Production’s Boo Bunny Hunt is well underway! This is an annual grid wide hunt (12 years running) and you can start it HERE. Today I’m bringing you two designer’s gifts for the hunt. All hunt items are only L$1.

The first thing is this cool pumpkin “chair” with the Trick or Treat sign and the candy apple. These are the gift items at Something New. The sign and pumpkin are all linked and are a total of 3 Li. The candy apple is an attachment that fits quite perfectly into the pose in the pose ball.

101522 - Clowns Frighten Me - 02

Do clowns scare you? I was ok until the new version of the movie It came out and now…I dunno…they’re more creepy than they used to be. My spooky clown shirt, jeans and the boots you see in the first photo are the gift from Nirvana Fashion. The jeans…

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