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Rock Your Rack 2022 – The Fancy

It is the end of Rack Your Rack event 2022. This wonderful cause has been presented by Models Giving Back with funds raised being donated to the National Breast Cancer Foundation. This is your last chance if there are any limited edition items from the designers at the event that you want to grab up.

Because of the massive amount of items I needed to blog for this event, I did all the photos in my studio, rather than fighting with lag and rezzing at locations. However, I still did my best to style and photograph these designs to show them off to you all. I have 3 posts total and this is the second of those 3. This post will show the fancier outfits and Avant Garde that I was sent to blog.

Here we have the Donna Bodysuit from AlaskaMetro. This entire bodysuit is BOM and comes in several clothing and tattoo layer options. There are 6 color options as well as a limited edition one for the event.

I styled it with the Onda Hat from Vesta Cloths and Deva ponytail from Frida&Co. The hat is unrigged so can be worn by all. The hair includes hairbases and the ponytail but the bases are not for Leluka Evo X. So you see me wearing one that comes with the Lelutka head I use. The ponytaildoes include an HUD with several color options.

Next is the Leather Slip Dress from Basalia’s Fine Fashion. The HUD gives 10 color options and it is fit for Maitreya only.

My nails are the Flame of Hope Nails from Classy n’ Sassy. They fit Alice, Belleza, Kupra, Legacy, Maitreya, and Reborn.

The boutonniere is from Pixelancer and is limited edition. It comes in white and green both and is unrigged.

This is the “Stylish Newspaper” from Curious Kitties. It is not fit for any particular body so includes alphas to hide the parts that need hidden. It worked perfectly with my Maitreya body.

This gown is from Byrne and is called the Alexandria Gown. It fits Legacy and Maitreya and comes in 4 colors with a coordinating scarf I completely forgot to add!

With the dress we have the Scia Hat from Vesta Cloths, unrigged and including a color changing HUD.

And my makeup is the Tiger Makeup from The Crow Ink Art for Lelutka Evo X, and there are 5 colors each for the eyes and the lips.

All of the poses I am using in this post are from Poses With Attitude for the event!

A huge thank you to all the amazing designers who participated in this event. Be sure to get over there and grab up all those last minute goodies before midnight SLT tonight!


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