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Evil Bunny Productions: Mad Circus

The Mad Circus 8 is back in town! Featuring scares, dares, & a freak show unlike anywhere else in SL. Enter if you dare, but go with a friend, we would not want you to get lost and never return. Designers bring you their scariest, creepiest, & down right horrifying fashions, designs, poses, & decor. Brought to you by Evil Bunny Productions. You have until Halloween to experience the chill, but don’t delay before they pack up & go away.

Step right up and volunteer to have sharp pointy things thrown at your head! Don’t mind the splatters on the board…it’s just…paint…yeah just paint. I am showing you two items from the Mad Circus 8 event today. I’ll start with the costume itself. This is the Ringmaster costume from The Undiscovered Jewel. The entire outfit includes the top, shorts, BOM stockings, boots and unrigged hat. The top comes with 3 texture choices on the HUD. Also the top, shorts and boots fit Maitreya, Ocacin, all 3 OG Belleza bodies and Slink Physique.

The pose, dart board and darts are all part of the 2nd designer’s item: Kaotic Kreations. This is the Living Darts set which includes rezzable and wearable versions of each item. There is also a dartboard post that can be rezzed out and a pose ball. Dartboard post with 3 darts are a total of 7 Li.

This was a fun shoot! Get on over to the Mad Circus 8 before it closes October 31st!



From my Amazing Sponsor:

  • Costume: ~J~ Ringmaster (available at Mad Circus 8 through Oct. 31st)
  • Dartboard/Darts/Pose: Kaotic Kreations – Living Darts (available at Mad Circus 8 through Oct. 31st)


  • Hair:  DOUX – Katerina hairstyle
  • Shape:  custom made by me (adalynnlove resident)
  • Head:  LeLUTKA Zora Head 3.1
  • Body:  Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V5.3
  • Head Skin:  Pepe Skins – Lelu X / Justice V2 / Cake
  • Body Skin:  Pepe Skins – Toned V2 / Cake


As always, a HUGE thank you to my amazing sponsor!!

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