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UniK Post #3 – More Clothing

This month the UniK Event has been running and ends very soon. I wanted to get these up so much sooner, but have been quite sick and got behind. Designers I’m showing in this post from this month’s round include: Gee, MY BAGS by Mila Blauvelt, Pixit, & Maktub.

Because of my illness this month, I am going to only include details on items from the event itself in this post…and won’t have as many credits at the bottom since everything will be in the post itself.

My first photo is featuring an outfit from Ghee. This is “Luisa” and it comes in 6 colors. I am wearing the brick color. The set fits Erika, Kupra (& Kups), Legacy (& Perky), Maitreya (& Petite), & Reborn (+ Juicy). It has a very cool 1950s print! FYI, I am wearing this on my newly purchased eBody Reborn body…yeah the jelly (juicy?) rolls did it for me. I have joined the cult.

The pose and pumpkin prop are part of a pose set from piXit, called “Citrouille – Pose Pack”. It is super fun and includes 8 poses, all with various pumpkin props.

I have already shown the “Lust Eyes” from the Maktub Store in 2 other posts, but I had to show them again, in another color. How gorgeous are these?! The Fatpack has 10 colors in BOM or appliers for Genus and Lelutka Evo X.

One other beautiful outfit at UniK this month is this Madame Blavatsky Dress in Black from MY BAGS by Mila Blauvelt. This Victorian inspired dress comes in 5 colors. There is also are coordinating hats. It is fit for Legacy & Perky, and Maitreya & Petite. A very cool looking bat wing collar for the neck is also included, and I somehow missed it when I put the outfit on! Again, I am using the “Citrouille – Pose Pack” from piXit.


As always, a HUGE thank you to my amazing sponsor and all the awesome designers!!


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