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Me and my Ghost Friend

This weekend has been round 18 of the Island Weekend Sale! This great sale has been on since Friday morning and ends at midnight tonight SLT. If you haven’t been through the Island Weekend Sale yet, it is a weekend shopping event run by Coco Osiris (cocohantas). It’s a store hop sale and there is an HUD to take you from one stop to the next. Designers have some of their items on sale for 99L and 50% off Fatpacks. The sale starts Fridays at 9:00 AM SLT and ends on Monday at 12:00 AM SLT.

Check out this super fun chair! This is from FlyingArts this weekend for Island Weekend Sale! It is filled with animations and even has several props, like this magazine I’m reading. Annnd it’s only 4 Li. Go grab it before the sale is over! Or grab it after…either way its, cute!!

I also had to share this adorable little “Ghost Companion” from LetovD of Noveny. As you can see it has two different faces between the two photos above. It comes with an HUD that gives 9 adorable Kawaii faces to switch between. This cute little friend floats at your side!

Also, these gorgeous nails!! These are “Floral Glitzz” from Coco Osiris (cocohantas) of Charmerize. You can find them at the mainstore. They fit a large variety of bodies: C&C, Slink, Erika, Legacy, LoveMomma, Rebirth, Reborn and StarMesh. You can’t see the thumb, but it is the same as the three other similar fingers.

Finally, my amazing outfit from Sophie Kawaii (uwukawaiistore) of UwU Kawaii Store is all detailed out in THIS POST.






From my Amazing Sponsors:

  • Skull Candy Chair: !FA! Skele Snack Seat
  • Floating Ghost: Noveny – Ghost Companion
  • Nails: Charmerize – Floral Glitz
  • Outfit details blogged HERE.
  • Background blogged HERE.


  • Location: my home sim
  • Windlight:  Annan Adored Darkness

As always, a HUGE thank you to my amazing sponsors!!


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