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Amelia’s Coastal Treasures

A few days ago I blogged some of the clothing and jewelry available at the sister stores of Amelia’s Coastal Treasures by Amelia Shannon Grunfeld (amelia.corryong). Today I am bringing you her island decor that I absolutely adore.

We are returning to the beach today in a lovely setting for working on paintings inspired by the ocean. I have packed several items in here from Amelia’s Coastal Treasures that I fell in love with. Let’s take a closer look at each.

To start, this lovely paint set that I am using is called Art Studio. It includes the easel, stool to sit on, the stool with the paint and brushes, and the stack of blank canvases that you can see in the first photo above, and the next photo below. Everything varies between 2 and 5 prims each. The stool I am on has 3 lovely animations in it and you can purchase all these items as a full set. I also tucked a tiny little crab plant pot by the one stool and it is part of the Sealife Planters set that I’ll talk more about below.

This beautiful seahorse planter is also part of the Sealife Planter set. This planter comes in 4 colors and is only 3 Li. You can see the painting canvas stack behind it that I talked about above.

These are some more of the pieces from the Sealife Planter set. Each piece comes in a variety of colors, including the little crab planter in the photo with the painting set and each is only 2 Li. All are modifiable so you can change the size if you wish, just know the land impact will change.

The last item is this beautiful gazebo with the swing. This comes in 3 different styles/colors and is a total of 28 prims. The swing includes several fun animations.

I absolutely love the things at Amelia’s Coastal Treasures and am looking forward to sharing more with you.

Side Note: If you want details on what I am wearing in this post, read this post HERE.



From my Awesome Sponsor:


  • Location: my home sim
  • Backdrop: Photo Backdrop 041 by RB
  • Windlight:  Annan Adored Light Explosion w/ small adjustments

As always, a HUGE thank you to my amazing sponsor!!


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