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Island Weekend Sale – Round 9 – Post 2

Here is post 2 for this weekend’s round of The Island Weekend Sale! The Island Weekend sale has been on since Friday morning and ends at midnight tonight SLT. If you haven’t been through the Island Weekend Sale yet, it is a weekend shopping event run by Coco Osiris (cocohantas). It’s a store hop sale and there is an HUD to take you from one stop to the next. Designers have some of their items on sale for 99L and 50% off Fatpacks. The sale starts Fridays at 9:00 AM SLT and ends on Monday at 12:00 AM SLT.

For this post I’m bringing you the items from FlyingArts and @home. This 8-bit home is so much fun!! It makes me want to play old video games again. Can you see the smoke coming from the chimneys as well? I want to jump down those green tubes and find lotsa treasure!

This adorable 10 Li home from FlyingArts comes in the adult size you see, also in kids’ size and TD size. The 5 Li flower pots in the front are separate objects from the home itself. The front door opens and closes upon touching and the smoke from the chimneys can be turned off by clicking them. Let’s go inside!

There are two of these windows on the home…one on each side. Let’s go inside!

The inside of the home has a nighttime theme. I love the starry sky! This would be so cute for a child’s playhouse or an adult who is a kid at heart.

See the two sets of photo frames? Those are both the items from @home. They are of course modifiable so that you can add your own photos into each frame. I had fun filling them up.

That’s all folks for this week’s items that I was sent to blog for Island Weekend Sale! Don’t miss it!



From Island Weekend Sale:

  • House & Planters: !FA! 8bit Home Flower Night
  • Love Photo Frames: @home: love photo frame
  • Memories Photo Frames: @home: memories photo frame


  • Poses: -RP- Jump & Nicole Pose 4
  • Location: my home sim
  • Windlight:  JuicyBomb-Pastel Skies 2

As always, a HUGE thank you to my amazing sponsor!!


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