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Rock Your Rack 2022

It’s the early morning hours of the day before RYR 2022, 10th Anniversary, and the businesses and entertainment open their doors. There is a feeling of anticipation in the air mixed with sweet memories of those we have loved and lost to breast cancer. Not only is there a ton of fabulous shopping available, but there are so many events planned and even a L$10 hunt you can do. Please check out all the links below as well as the photos that I’ve taken at the venue. I am so excited to share more with you throughout the event.

  • All about Rock Your Rack – LINK
  • RYR’s Cause – LINK
  • Designers for the event – LINK
  • Limited Edition items you can ONLY get at the event – LINK
  • Event Timeline – LINK
  • Event Calendar – LINK
  • RYR Bloggers – LINK
  • DJs & Performances – LINK
  • About the hunt – LINK
  • Photographer info – LINK
  • Art show – LINK

This amazing event opens tomorrow, October 1st! A teleport link will be added to this post at that time.


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