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Lavender Fields

Lavender is a calming scent in RL for many people. And this field of lavender helped me to feel calm as well. For this post I’m bringing you 4 designer items: Le’La Designs, Klubb, GO! Makeup and N.Kolour.

ღ Mia Rosy ღ (miamilu) of Le’La Design released this pretty little Caligari Glitter Set this month. The glitter has an animation effect that is really cool and you can change the colors of the skirt, top, top ruffles, sleeves and sleeve ruffles, as well as the tie. There are 20 color options. It fits Maitreya, Legacy, Hourglass, Physique, Tonic F/C, and Freya bodies.

The super cute “Vivienne” Heart Bag is a new release from my super creative friend and boss Lucas Slain of Klubb this month for Cakeday. The purse comes with 16 colorways, 8 metals, and options to change the handle, base, and the metal trimmings. There are 3 pose versions as well as a no pose option included. And its only L$299!!!

My nail polish is from  N.Kolour by ɔɦəʀʀϔ ήϋɡɡəʇ ɓəʀʀϔ (cherry.edenflower) and Kenya Calael (kenya.conundrum). It is the Snazzy applier set in Pink. As always, there are 5 styles to choose from which can be set separately between the fingernails and toenails on the Maitreya HUD. An Omega HUD is included as well.

To top this all off, I grabbed the Polly Lipstick from ღ ɑɳɳy ɓ. ɓʀɑɳɗi ღ (anny.burner) of GO! Makeup. This lipstick comes as a 10 color option applier for Lelutka Evo & Evo X, and is at the Vanity Event until October 10th.






From my Amazing Sponsors:

  • Dress: {Le’La} Caligari Glitter Set
  • Heart Bag: Klubb “Vivienne” Heart Bag [FP] (at the Cakeday Event)
  • Nail Polish: N.Kolour: Snazzy (Pink) Nail Applier
  • Lipstick: GO Polly Lipstick Makeup (at the Vanity Event until Oct 8th)


Also Wearing:

  • Hairbows: Besom~ Luna Hair Bow SetPink*
  • Blush: ( Pomeline ) – Subtle blush (LeL EvoX)


As always, a HUGE thank you to my amazing sponsors!!

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  1. […] blogged this “Vivienne” Heart Bag before HERE. It is also from Klubb and I had to wear it with this dress too because Iooooovvveeee how the […]


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